This on-going project is to photograph the aesthetic connection between the flow of fabric and the human form. Two photographs from this collection were exhibited at the IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City in 2013.  This project is on-going and is expected to be completed by the fall 2014.

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_DSC2481-EditBronc Rider

This photographic essay follows the passion of Oklahoma bareback bronc rider Brad Gower. These images and accompanying narrative show this rodeo cowboy’s life both in and outside the arena.  Bronc Rider is a book project, with an expected publication date of March 2015.

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A collaboration with poet Gail Henderson. This combination of photography and poetry works well to portray a woman’s perspective of life, drawing from the literary characters of European mythologies.  This book was published in March 2014 and is available for purchase on Amazon.com or at the JRB Art at the Elms Gallery in Oklahoma City.

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